Typical Shipping Container Uses - Contain It Mobile Storage


Typical Customer Uses

Our all-steel rugged containers provide a great temporary storage solution for a variety of needs. Customers often use them as secure, weatherproof storage for short term or even longer-term inventory. Here are some of the more popular applications.

Construction Companies & Contractors -  Safely store valuable tools, equipment and materials on the job site.  Also used as a staging area to store machinery/equipment before installation.

Manufacturers & Industrial Firms – Often used as additional space to securely store machinery for use in plants, finished products prior to delivery to customers or many other uses.

Agricultural Storage  - Farm operators appreciate the ability of our secure storage containers to contain and protect fertilizers, chemicals and supplies needed to grow crops and maintain equipment.

Schools and Athletic Leagues – The ability to securely store supplies and athletic equipment on-site makes our storage containers an attractive, cost-efficient alternative compared to bricks & mortar storage.

Outdoorsmen  - A wide range of individuals and organizations who love outdoor activities find that our mobile storage containers provide a safe, secure storage option to protect valuable assets