20’ and 40’ Shipping Containers for Rent in Ohio and Indiana

Rent Storage Containers

Rent Shipping Containers

Temporary Storage Solutions

Our secure, lockable shipping containers, Conex boxes, and sea cans are available in these common sizes:

    • 20’ Container (8’ wide x 8’6” high)
    • 40’ Container (8’ wide x 8’6” high)
    • 40’ High Cube (8’ wide x 9’6” high)

Choose Nearly New or Used 

Advantages of Renting

  • Flexible long term and short term rentals
  • Fast and secure storage on your site
  • Easy ground access
  • Quick delivery seven days a week
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    At Contain-It Mobile Storage, we offer a wide selection of shipping container storage units for rent. Whatever your container needs may be, our sales yard has new and pre-owned options of all sizes. Inventory and hours vary so please call ahead to schedule an appointment. Prices and costs fluctuate daily. Call for a quote.
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    Mule contain it mobile storage

    Portable Delivery System

    Superior Maneuverability

    Our exclusive mule portable delivery system is driven by remote control and allows us to easily move your storage container without heavy machinery.

    Designed for moving Storage Units, Shipping Containers, Conex Boxes, Storage Containers, Sea Cans. We offer storage container delivery service and pick-up.

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    Rental FAQs

    What is the minimum rental period?

    You can rent a storage container for a minimum of a month (28 days).

    Is renting my only option?

    No! Call to purchase a storage container from us. Save by purchasing a storage container instead of renting.

    How are containers delivered?

    Shipping containers, in most cases, are delivered on tilt-bed-style trailers or with a portable delivery system. These trailers slide the containers off the rear of the trailer. Containers are set on the ground in your predetermined location. (Please see our online Essential Guide for more information.)

    How much space is required for delivery?

    Width requirement is about 10 feet.  The length requirement is 23 feet longer than the storage container. (A 20 foot storage container will require 32 feet of length.)

    Is there any site preparation necessary?

    The ground surface should be level and firm.

    How long does it take to get my storage container?

    Usually, we can deliver within a week!

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