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Frequently Asked Questions


How to Prepare for your Shipping Container Delivery

Shipping containers, in most cases, are delivered on tilt-bed-style trailers or with a portable delivery system. These trailers slide the containers off the rear of the trailer. Containers are set on the ground in your predetermined location. (Please see our online Essential Guide to Buying a Shipping Container for more information.)

Please consider the following before scheduling your delivery:

  • The direction that you want the cargo doors to face. This decision determines how we load the shipping container onto the trailer.
  • Delivery location - we recommend unloading your container onto concrete, asphalt, or dry compacted soil. Avoid soft grass or wet, unlevel surfaces.
  • Delivery location obstacles, obstructions, overhanging power lines, or low-hanging limbs are all things to take into consideration. The delivery vehicle is 14 ft tall, and if you must clear the space while they are on location, you could incur additional delivery fees.
  • Minimum space requirements for delivery - see the minimum space requirements in the next section.
  • Receipt of delivery - all deliveries must be received by a person 18 years or older who is authorized to sign for the container. The logistics team will call or text on the day of delivery.

What are some uses for storage containers?

  • Moving
  • Temporary storage
  • On site permanent storage
  • Storage for machinery, tools/assets, athletic gear, parts, farm supplies, construction materials
  • View all typical customer uses

Are your storage containers weatherproof?

Our new and used storage containers are made of steel and ranked an entire level higher than “WWT” or “weather and water tight.” These steel units are sure to keep your assets safe, dry and protected.

How much are shipping containers?

Shipping container prices fluctuate daily depending on market conditions. Contact us for the best pricing on the best quality containers.

What are the dimensions of a storage container?

You can find dimensions, widths, payloads and sizes on our Shipping Container Dimensions page here.

If I’m renting can I switch over to buying the container later on?

Yes! Give us a call at: 419-722-4310 or contact us at: to let us know how you’d like to change your renting plan.

Why should I choose your business?

We are a local, family owned business who has been servicing our community for nearly two decades. We are committed to providing you with a quality product as well as quality customer service. Whether you are looking to buy or rent a new or used shipping container, we will give every effort to make a life time customer.

Can I use a storage container if I’m in an apartment?

Yes you can. However, we do suggest that you ask your building and/or landlord if storing a shipping container in the parking lot is allowed by their policy. Our Mule Portable Delivery System can squeeze containers in to most places, but not all.

How much room do I need for a shipping container to be dropped off?

It’s best to have an outdoor area 10 feet wider and 23 feet longer than the intended storage container in order for safe drop off, storage, and use. We can do onsite evaluations, if needed.

Are storage containers secured?

 Yes, our storage containers are both lockable and weatherproof.

Where do I put a storage container?

Storage containers can be kept in parking lots, on stone pads, on concrete blocks, driveways, backyards, or even streets if your city laws permit.

What is the difference between shipping containers, Conex boxes and Sea cans?

These are all words for metal shipping containers. There is very little difference, so if you’re looking for one you’re looking for the others as well.

What if I need to move my shipping container?

Not a problem. Moving shipping containers is our specialty. Give us a call at: 419-722-4310 and let us know how we can help.

How do I move my shipping container after I bought/rented it?

Did you buy or rent a storage container from us? Our exclusive, state-of-the art mule delivery system is remote controlled and so accurate that it can move a storage container in to a single parking space.

Can you move loaded containers?

No. We are not set up to move containers with items in them.

Do you buy back containers?

We will if we have a need for the container at the time you want to sell it.

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